SKYPEC - A brand of trust !


Throughout nearly 40 years of its existence and development, the Vietnam Air Petrol One-Member Company Ltd - SKYPEC has continuously undergone changes and thus has become the leading aviation fuel supplier in Vietnam with the brand name “SKYPEC – a Brand of Trust”, a trustworthy company for all Vietnamese domestic airlines and those international airlines operating to and from Vietnam.

In the present situation in which the Covid-19 pandemic still drags on; and with the inevitable tendency for the digital network to develop, SKYPEC continues to have new changes to start its own process of digital transformation. The company’s objective is to build an integrated system that can help its users to get a thorough control and follow-up the work; and to ensure that the company can timely respond to the continuous changes of the business environment and, therefore, by reducing the cost, can derive long-term benefits and become more competitive in the market.

SKYPEC management board is determined to carry out digital transformation
Digital transformation work is a key task mentioned in the Decision on Leadership made by the SKYPEC Party Committee. The task has also been mentioned in the conclusions drawn by other events organized by SKYPEC such as briefings, seminars and training courses. The newly formed Steering Committee, Implementation Committee and Aid Group each has its respective pieces of the task to implement. These efforts have shown that the Company management board is committed to step by step carry out the digital transformation work as planned.

Core factors in SKYPEC’s strategy to carry out digital transformation work
As digital transformation work consists of various factors and different levels, SKYPEC has selected those core factors suitable to the company’s strategic objectives. These core factors are: Innovation, For Customer, Integration, Data-driven Results, Sense of Data, Open Culture Transformation, and I-First.
According to Mr. Nguyen Manh Tuan, the Party Secretary and CEO of SKYPEC, the digital transformation work has been started and it is expected that a long way is still ahead before a digital culture can be reached and a digital economy can be built. At the present time, especially in the situation in which social distance is imposed due to the Covid pandemic, SKYPEC has set up a primary digitized foundation, which can be used daily, for online conferences and meetings to take place where many decisions can be made, and information technology can be applied in the surveying of work and in the use of software in management. To be ready for digital transformation, more and more staff members have now been using smart phones and computers. The urgent task for SKYPEC right now is to continue with the change of thought on digital transformation and change of management styles. The concrete things to do include data link, digitalization of the management work, and the building of digital culture. 


  (do something different from what has been done; do present things better; do quickly what must be done; do first what shall be done; do more than what is wanted)
In the time to come, SKYPEC will form an online communication channel; get to know better the customers’ experiences; set up a real time data system which can help the company to make suitable decisions; digitize the business regulations so as to increase the productivity and speed up the implementation process whereby intermediate steps shall be reduced and all business activities of the company shall be under direct manipulation and bring about best results.  
Text and Photos: SKYPEC office staffs