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The system of fuel storage facilities of SKYPEC has a total capacity of more than 220,000 cubic meters, which includes fuel farms at major Vietnamese harbors and fuel depots at 18 civil airports across Vietnam.

Fuel farms:
  • In the Northern region: Đình Vũ farm, Thượng Lý farm and Hải Linh farm (Hải Phòng province);
  • In the Middle region: Liên Chiểu farm (Đà Nẵng province) and K662 farm (Cam Ranh);
  • In the Southern region: Thanh Lễ farm, Cát Lái farm (Hồ Chí Minh City) and Phú Quốc farm.
The above 8 farms, located throughout the 3 regions North, Central and South of the country, always safely and effectively supply sufficient quantity of high-quality fuel to all depots at the airports.
Hai Linh Farm - Hai Phong
Lien Chieu Farm - Da Nang
Thanh Le Farm - Ho Chi Minh City
Fuel depots at airports:
SKYPEC is the sole company in Vietnam with sufficient facilities with depots at all 18 civil airports in Vietnam. The fuel depot systems at airports are equipped with the most technically advanced facilities and equipment such as the automated fuel tank measuring and warning system whose data are transmitted to the coordination monitoring and operation management centre. All technical norms are in compliance with the regulations issued by JIG and are subject to periodical assessments by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV), The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the concerned foreign airlines. Routine maintenance, rectification and control of the fuel storage system and the technical equipment are carried out in order to meet the required standards. They are also constantly upgraded to become most up-to-date and more professionalized.
Besides, in order to meet the customers’ growing demand for the service quality, operational safety and the quality of Jet A-1 air fuel, SKYPEC has developed and constantly improved its fuel supply chain control systems, such as the quality control system that complies with standard ISO 9001: 2015 recognized by the Quality Management System (QMS); the safety control system that complies with the current standard DOC 9859, AC 003 approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV)
Noi Bai depot
Tan Son Nhat Depot
Phu Quoc Depot
Lien Khuong Depot