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As the leader in the air fuel supply market in Vietnam, the Vietnam Air Petrol Company Ltd (SKYPEC) supplies air fuel to the aircraft of all Vietnamese airlines and over 100 international airlines operating to and from Vietnam. Beside the underground refueling system ( hydrant system), the company also operates nearly 80 refueling vehicles at 18 civil airports across Vietnam.  SKYPEC operates many vehicles imported from such renowned companies as GARSITE, SKYMARK, INNOCAR, DALIM in the USA, Canada and South Korea. A vehicle of this category has the capacity of either 10,000 gallons or 5000 gallons and the technical characteristics that comply with advanced safety standards under Regulations JIG1, TCCS 18:2015.   

Beside the modern refueling vehicles, SKYPEC also operates nearly 60 trucks specifically designed to transport air fuel. These trucks, imported from such South Korean companies as HYUNDAI, TATA DAEWOO,…, are dispatched to all 3 regions North, Central and South Vietnam. Those trucks with the capacity of 18 to 40 cubic meters are licensed to transport inflammable materials in compliance with Vietnam’s applicable standards.

All facilities and equipment owned by SKYPEC are under periodical audit and assessment by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam (CAAV), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the concerned airlines in order to ensure their compliance with exclusive Vietnamese and international aviation technical standards.
To reaffirm its leading position  in the air fuel supply  market in Vietnam, SKYPEC has constantly developed  and modernised its facilities and equipment  to the world’s most technically advanced  and sophisticated characteristics in compliance with standards JIG1, TCCS18:2015 and  exhaust gas standard  EURO4 and QCVN 86:2015/BGTVT of the Ministry of Transport  of Vietnam.