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      Vietnam Air Petrol One-Member Company Ltd- Skypec is a leader in supplying air fuel in Vietnam. With the storage capacity of over 210,000 m3 and the service network across 18 airports throughout Vietnam and at 4 airports in South Korea, Skypec is proud to be able to supply air fuel to all domestic airlines and over 100 foreign airlines operating to and from Vietnam.

      In the 2015 – 2020 period, Skypec’s business performance has been more effective. To be specific, in this period the following have been successfully achieved: Jet A-1 fuel sale output of 7.4 million tons; turnovers of over VND 109,000 billions; contribution of over VND 17,157 billions to the State budget; increase of investment in technical infrastructure, improvement of service quality; maximum security and safety of air fuel; further training and improvement of human resources; renovation of management; stability of employees’ jobs; constant improvement of employees’ job performance environment and employees’ personal income; good functioning of mass organizations; and enhancement of Skypec’s brand name and prestige in the market.

Skypec’s into-plane fueling service up to international standards  
At the company’s Party Congress for the 2020-2025 term of office, Mr. Nguyễn Mạnh Tuấn President of Skypec is voted to continue his position as the Secretary of the company’s Party Committee 
      Besides managing the company’s business activities, Skypec’s Board of Management also attaches due attention to the creative and effective mass mobilization work among the staff members, which helps enhance the company’s Party Committee’s leading role, contributes to the practice of democracy and brings into full play the staff members’ right to mastery and care for them. Due attention is also constantly given to the staff members’ cultural and sports activities so that their working spirits are kept up. As such, many of them have won prizes in some contests such as the Silver Prize in the ‘Dynamism, Creativity, Ability and Gracefulness Contest for Aviation Women’; the Second Prize in the ‘VNA Spirit Contest’; and the Second Prize in the ‘2020 Hygienic Safety Contest’.   
The Secretary of the Party Committee and the President of Skypec honorably receiving the Certificate of Commendation for “ Model Achievement in Performing Good Mass Mobilization Work” for the 2016-2020 period.
      Since early 2020, Skypec business has been in considerable difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has caused reduction in the company’s workload and staff members’ personal income. In face of such situation President Nguyễn Mạnh Tuấn and the company’s leadership have constantly tried to work out flexible and suitable solutions for the business to move ahead and those to the pandemic problems in such a way as to keep the business going and ensure the implementation of coherent policies specified for the benefits of the staff members.  

A Skypec fuel truck is fueling an airplane about to fly a mission to carry Vietnamese citizens back home from Europe during the Covid-19 pandemic
      With the achievements recorded, over the past 5 years, Skypec has had the honor to be given the title of ‘Excellent Model Unit’ in the 2016-2020 Emulation Movement and received a number of awards from higher authorities such as the Certificate of Appreciation awarded to the company’s Party Committee by Vietnam Airlines Corporation’s Party Committee, a Certificate of Commendation awarded to the company by the Centrally-Controlled Business Enterprise Bloc’s Party Committee, an Emulation Banner awarded by the Government, Four Emulation Banners awarded by the Transport Ministry, and of particular significance is the First Class Labor Order  awarded to the company by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam  

The Party Secretary and the President of Skypec receiving the “Excellent Model Unit in the 2015-2020 Emulation Movement” banner
      The above-mentioned achievements recorded by the company are the results of continual endeavors by the cadres and personnel of the company under the clear sighted leadership of the company’s Board of Leadership. These results are of very great significance and of key importance, which would contribute to the overcoming of present difficulties and responding to existing challenges, and mark a new period of development of the company being prepared to reach a new height.

Text and Photos: SKYPEC office staff